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SP Series
Conference calls with style and reach
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Flexibility and mobility

A conference call in your briefcase

No more searching for an available conference room: Set up an impromptu conference or share a call with high quality sound – anywhere that’s convenient. Scalable for up to 12 participants, the series’ exceptional, lightweight and portable design gives you the flexibility to collaborate wherever you are.

A conference call in your briefcase


Set-up a conference call seamlessly and instantly, with an audio-conference solution that is easy to connect, intuitive to manage and configures itself automatically

Natural conversation experience

With Sennheiser Voice Clarity and echo and noise-cancelling microphone(s)

Match your meeting

Scalable audio conference solution that can adapt from small and portable speakerphones on hand at all times, to a bigger set-up for large meeting rooms

Flexible connectivity options

Choice of Bluetooth®, USB-C, USB or 3.5 mm jack plug’n’play connectivity

Find the right speakerphone

SP 30

Wireless speakerphone for personal conferencing or up to 8 people. Natural conversation experience and exceptional audio performance.

SP 220

Ideal for business professionals requiring flexible, scalable conferencing solutions for up to 12 participants. It instantly connects to PC/softphone, mobile phone or tablet.


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