MobileConnect Station
MobileConnect Stations are the centerpiece of an entire MobileConnect system. They receive and transmit up to two audio channels and utilize the MobileConnect App’s Audience Mic talk-back feature, connecting you and your audience while improving accessibility.
HUF 2,004,900.00
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MobileConnect Station
HUF 2,004,900.00

MobileConnect Station is the hardware centerpiece of an entire MobileConnect live-audio accessibility system. Each Station both receives and transmits up to two channels of audio. When combined with the MobileConnect App’s Audience Mic talk-back feature, MobileConnect Stations are where you and your audience connect.

Each Ethernet-powered Station, used in Standalone Mode, can reach your audience members wherever they are in the room. Or, utilizing MobileConnect Manager and easily adding additional Stations, you can reach an entire campus or facility through an existing WIFI network.

MobileConnect Stations’ Unicast audio streams are available in either stereo or mono operation and, depending on the network, and audience devices used, offer clear, high-quality sound with as little as 25 ms latency. They can connect to the facility’s current user control system through Crestron, Extron, QSC plugins, or other systems using the MobileConnect API. And thanks to digital audio using Dante, they can be installed in a central server room or anywhere in the network.

  • Via Dante digital audio, Stations sit across networks removing installation proximity requirements

  • Offers either two Assistive Listening channels per Station or one bi-directional channel per Station (Assistive Listening & Audience Mic)

  • Unicast audio streaming with as little as 25 ms latency, depending on network and user devices*

  • Supports up to 100 clients per Station

  • Two available integration modes

  • Standalone Mode: Individual installations with a single Station

  • Manager Mode: Larger, advanced installation with multiple stations

  • Audio streams are available in either mono or stereo operation

  • Powered over Ethernet

  • Dante and XLR compatible

  • Connects to 3rd-party user control systems through Crestron, Extron, QSC plugins, or other systems using the MobileConnect API

    *Average is 40-60 ms.


For the most up-to-date FAQ, as well as other useful information covering all things MobileConnect, please visit MobileConnect Documentation App.

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