MKE mini
The MKE mini is a high-quality, miniature omni-directional clip-on lavalier microphone. The KE 4 capsule in the MKE mini is derived from the industry standard MKE 2, with improvements that provide a warm and distortion-free signal, even at high sound pressure levels. MKE mini fulfills the highest demands on sound quality and ruggedness while also providing superior moisture protection via our ultralight Umbrella Diaphragm™.
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Anyone who has ever needed to mic up a presenter knows the challenges well. Finding the right mic placement, properly clipping the lavalier, hiding cables or wondering what to do with the bodypack can turn a relatively simple task into a struggle. With MKE mini, all you need to do is connect the mic to your bodypack and attach the lanyard. The MKE mini provides the easiest wearable solution with no fuss or cable-management issues.

  • Easy usage of a microphone for lecture or presentation, without traditional lavalier/headmic solutions

  • Very high sound pressure handling capability

  • Total length of 9cm and ultra-light weight (7g)

  • Interference-free despite proximity to bodypack

  • Handsfree presentation with time saving mic-up

  • Easy and fast cleaning

  • Umbrella Diaphragm™ protects the mic against sweat

  • Omni-directional

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Microphone Guide

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  • 1x MKE mini
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 2x Clips
  • 1x Windscreen MZW2
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