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Immersive Audio by Sennheiser

A truly immersive sound experience

We partnered with Karma Automotive to deliver a ground-breaking, truly immersive sound system. Born from our shared values of quality and craftsmanship, Sennheiser is proud to introduce AMBEO Mobility Audio.

AMBEO Mobility Audio is Sennheiser’s ultimate immersive sound and voice intelligibility car audio system. It is designed and fine-tuned to deliver the clearest, best possible sounding entertainment and communication experience for your ride.
Thanks to an incredibly high emotional impact, AMBEO experiences differ from stereo audio or even surround formats as they include height to create an “as if you were there” feeling. This leap into sound immersion is set to eliminate the boundaries between reality and reproduction.

„With Karma, we are combining the future of mobility with the future of audio enjoyment.“
Daniel Sennheiser

AMBEO Immersive Sound System

Your car is one of the few places where you can listen to music undisturbed. AMBEO Mobility Audio takes this special experience to the next level by delivering an enveloping soundfield that places each listener in the middle of the music, making them wish their ride never ends.

The AMBEO Sound System consists of high-fidelity speakers positioned throughout the car at different elevations to recreate authentic sound immersion. The innovative AMBEO audio processing delivers a balanced and unique sound profile, wherever you are sitting in the car.

Personalized sound, closer than ever.

The AMBEO Headrest Solution brings sound literally to your ears. The innovative headrest design has been engineered to complement the AMBEO Sound System, creating a unique audio experience for each passenger. Accommodate your and your passengers’ taste and tasks thanks to the flexibility to individualize the sound you care to listen to.

If you are on a phone call, your music playback level tunes out so you can speak and be heard, while the others remain entertained. If you want to immerse yourself into your music, and others prefer to sleep, it creates a personal sound experience around you and just you.

With its unmatched audio clarity and fidelity, the AMBEO Headrest Solution also provides you with an as immersive as audio can be.

Crystal clear voice communication, wherever you are sitting.

Leveraging Sennheiser’s expertise in sound capture, AMBEO Mobility Audio lets you communicate with the highest possible phone call intelligibility from your car, and gives you seamless voice control over car features and media playback.

Voice communication is typically optimized for the car driver, which leads to poor quality conversations when the other passengers are involved. This becomes all the more frustrating as voice is also being used to control car features, and as autonomous driving opens more opportunities for commute time driving being used for leisure and productivity.

However, the AMBEO microphones give everyone in the car superb call quality and effortless voice control by using beamforming technology with precisely placed microphone capsules that hone in on the desired voice, optimize speech intelligibility, and avoid extraneous noise inside the cabin. Thanks to the AMBEO Headrest Solution, you can choose to include other passengers in your phone call or leave them out undisturbed.

Thanks to the beamforming microphones technology, in-car conversation has never been so smooth: enhance clarity of your communication with passengers in the backseat, while never taking your eyes off the road.

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