CH 20 MB

CH 20 MB headset charger (with stand) for Mobile Business Pro Series and PRESENCE™ Mobile Series.
Cikkszám 506039


The CH 20 MB headset charger (with stand) is designed for use as an alternative to base station charging for both the Mobile Business Pro Series (MB Pro 1 and MB Pro 2) and the PRESENCE™ Mobile Series (the PRESENCE™ headset is mounted on the PRESENCE™ headband). Simply place the Bluetooth® headset in the charger stand when not talking and the headset will automatically charge. This charger is suitable for desk sharing or in shift work environments such as emergency centers or call centers.


  • Multiple mounting options: Wall mounted, where space is limited

  • Multiple mounting options: Cascaded, side by side

  • Multiple mounting options: Single, stand-alone charger on a desk

  • Charging time: 3 hours when connected to Sennheiser MCH 7 multi-USB power source

  • Charging time: Only 1 &1/2 hour with dedicated external power supply (400 mA)

Műszaki jellemzők

  • Csatlakozó
  • Kábelhossz
    170 cm / 5.58 ft when mounted in charger stand
  • Tömeg
    220 g / 7.76 oz
  • Töltési idő
    100 m a: 3 h
  • Töltési idő
    400 m a: 1½ h
  • Áramfogyasztás
    100 mA when powered from standard USB power supplies
    400 mA when powered from supplies which follow “USB Battery Charging standard V1.2”
  • Bemeneti feszültség tartomány
    4.75 - 5.25 V
  • Kimeneti feszültség
    3.6 - 5.25 V


  • EU Declaration of Conformity
  • Biztonsági útmutató